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07x05 One is the Loneliest Number

First Aired: Nov. 16, 2004
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Chrissie thinks Tricia and Carlos are going away for the weekend but it is actually the day of Tricia’s mastectomy. However, there is a problem during the operation and she is transferred from The Hadlington to the High Dependancy Unit at Holby. Chrissie is shocked to find out about the operation and upset that Tricia did not tell her. Tricia explains she did not want to worry her. She tells Chrissie that Carlos has been incredibly supportive but he tells Chrissie that he is leaving Tricia. A furious Chrissie slaps him across the face and then breaks the news to Tricia. Meanwhile, Diane is upset at not seeing baby Jack. She feels Owen does not care and suggests they should spend some time apart. Later, Owen suggests they should have a baby together. Mickie’s mum, a midwife, is called in to deal with a patient. Mickie and her mum have not spoken since Mickie moved out. The patient loses her baby and it brings Mickie closer to her mother, but she says she will not move back home. Will is despondent after losing a patient. He writes a letter of resignation but Connie rips it up. Connie admits that she has been playing games with him but says she was doing it so he could realise his potential.

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