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07x01 Happy Families

First Aired: Oct. 19, 2004
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Carlos pesters Tricia to go to the breast care clinic to get her lump looked at in the latest dose of the medical drama. Tricia eventually agrees but is shocked to find out that Diane will be doing her examination. Diane does the tests and tells Tricia that the initial result is borderline; she will find out in a week if the lump is malignant. On the day of the custody hearing, Owen has to attend to an emergency and arrives late. Diane is devastated when Simon is awarded custody of the baby. Will’s wife turns up at work with their children, telling him she is going for a job interview and he will have to look after them for an hour. When she returns to pick up the children, she informs Will that she got the job. Mickie is devastated when a patient dies shortly after giving birth. Donna promises to cheer her up that night but when Mickie gets home Lisa informs her that Donna has gone out on a date. Mickie feels abandoned and takes one of the pills Donna gave her last week. She goes into town to meet some midwives in a bar and ends up being sick in an alleyway. A man attacks her and runs off with her bag.

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