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06x52 Great Expectations

First Aired: Oct. 12, 2004
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Zubin apologises to Jess for what he said to her and Jess says she would like to go back to being friends with him. That night, he asks her out for dinner but, when he arrives to pick her up, she tells him she will cook for him instead. Although they pretend to be just friends, it’s clear they still have feelings for each other. They are busy saying flattering things about each other, when Donna and Mickie suddenly come home and interrupt them. They try to make excuses about it being nothing and them only being friends, but the girls do not seem convinced and Zubin quickly says that he has to leave. Mickie’s mum Siobhan Hendrie, also a midwife, brings a home birth patient on to the ward. Under her mum’s watchful eye, Mickie feels stifled and she is constantly worrying about doing something wrong. Her mum also finds out that Mickie had been thinking about applying for medicine and lets Mickie, or Michaela as she calls her, know that she does not think it would be a good idea and that she would not support it. Tired of her mum, Mickie tells her she is going to stay with Donna from now on. After a hard day at work, Mickie is feeling low. Donna tells her she has some pills which will cheer her up and puts them in Mickie’s pocket. Chrissie sees Donna flirting with Carlos and tells Tricia. Tricia tells Chrissie to mind her own business, but later she confronts Carlos, who tells her he was only asking Donna for advice on some underwear he had bought for her as a surprise gift. That night, he takes Tricia back to his impressive hotel room and they spend the night together but he makes a shocking discovery – Tricia has a lump in her breast. Will is unsure what to do when Connie continues with her behaviour against him. At the same time Ric lets him know that is trying to get financing for a new registrar’s position in general surgery and Will is tempted to accept it. When he, however, performs surgery on Lucy Langham, a 15-year-old who insists on a riskful operation that could possibly save her from dying of cancer, the thrill makes Will realise that general surgery would not have the excitement that he is looking for. Ric eventually does get the financing, but Will turns the position down.

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