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01x06 Brave Heart

First Aired: Feb. 16, 1999
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Nick is beaten up in the lift by someone he doesn’t know and his lip is bleeding. When he tells Ellie about it, she says it was her boyfriend who had found out about them. Meanwhile, Julie has been fired from her job because she stole out-of-date food and shouted at her manager. Jasmine is still angry at Carl. Victoria’s in big trouble with Meyer because the man she operated on immediately is going to sue because he still cannot speak. She is also still taking drugs. Meyer’s also battling with Muriel over the number of beds, and Karen’s also getting involved. Nick is late to turn up to an operation and Karen is angry with him. She says that seven years ago he was late seeing to a patient and he thinks it was because he was sleeping around with a nurse. The girl died and Karen had to cover up for him. Kirstie has been receiving flowers all day from an “admirer” and she eventually phones the florist to try to find out who sent the flowers. Nick tells Karen he’s changed, and when Kirstie finds out that it was him that sent her the flowers, she dumps the presents on him and makes comments about him sending them. Karen says sarcastically “You’ve changed!” and walks off.

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