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01x04 Love and Death

First Aired: Feb. 02, 1999
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Nick and Ellie are kissing in the linen closet and when he goes out, Kirstie spies Ellie following him. Kirstie refuses to talk to Nick but Karen says that if Kirstie wants to make a go of things with Nick then she can. Kirstie confronts Nick and wants to know why Karen thinks there’s something going on with them and he says that he was telling Ellie it was over. He kisses her but Kirstie pulls away and he asks what she really wants. She tells him she doesn’t want to be a quick grope in the operating theatre. Julie falls asleep when watching Nicola, but thankfully Jasmine finds her. Jasmine tells her that she must give up her job at the supermarket which she has taken to get extra money. Muriel speaks to Kirstie and says she is offended that Kirstie wrote to the drugs company. She says that the patient was unsuitable for the trial in the first place and that it was Kirstie’s mistake. The patient who received the heart in place of the boy in the first episode, is researching whose heart it was. He believes that the heart came from a blind man in Cornwall and so he is having nightmares that he is going blind. Nick gives him some drugs, thinking he’s rejecting the organ. Meyer reprimands Nick for this, saying that he has a chest infection so the drugs will stop his antibodies from fighting the infection and he gives him some antibiotics. Nick tells him that the donor was good at crosswords, and the patient’s wife ironically brings him some crossword puzzles. A male patient tells Ray that he’s in love with him, and Ray tells him that he has a girlfriend. Victoria’s curious and asks him about this girlfriend, and Ray says that if male patients like him then he says he has a girlfriend but if women patients like him then he says he has a boyfriend! The patient also tells Nick that he’s in love with him.

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