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01x01 Whose Heart Is It Anyway?

First Aired: Jan. 12, 1999
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Nicola Fallon is brought up to the ward in need of a heart operation. Paul tries to contact her parents who are in Belgium, and they agree to fly back to come and see her. Meanwhile, we are introduced to best friends Julie and Jasmine who are interviewed for Ward Sister. Julie’s the favourite for the job, but her best friend Jasmine gets it. A heart is available for transplant, and there are two possible recipients. Meyer chooses a boy who he believes is the most suitable candidate, but when Julie notices he has a chest infection it becomes evident that he hasn’t well enough for the transplant. The boy’s parents find this hard to accept especially as the other recipient is unsure whether or not he wants the transplant, although his wife ultimately insists that he has it. Meyer takes out his heart, while Nick is still coming back with the donor heart. Nick, Jasmine and Chloe Hill have flown to Cornwall to receive the heart. Kirstie calls Nick and asks if she can observe the transplant, but Nick says no as Meyer won’t allow it. However, while Meyer is doing the transplant, Kirstie comes in anyway. Meyer tells her to get out and asks Nick if he gave her permission as Kirstie and Nick are obviously seeing each other. The heart is in place and Meyer is shocking it to try and get it to begin beating, when the father of the boy who couldn’t have the operation comes into Darwin Theatre and claims that the heart belongs to his son. He threatens Meyer with a scalpel, but Meyer ignores him. Nick knocks the scalpel out of his hand and the father is taken out of theatre. The heart starts to beat and Meyer leaves Nick to close.

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