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Main Characters - Page 2
Mo Effanga played by Chizzy Akudolu ImageMo Effanga
Raf Di Lucca played by Joe McFadden ImageRaf Di Lucca
Sacha Levy played by Bob Barrett ImageSacha Levy
Serena Campbell played by Catherine Russell ImageSerena Campbell
Zosia March played by Camilla Arfwedson ImageZosia March
Amy Teo played by Wendy Kweh ImageAmy Teo
Daisha Anderson played by Rebecca Grant ImageDaisha Anderson
Paul Rose played by Andrew Lewis ImagePaul Rose
Dr. Keith Greene played by Alex MacQueen ImageDr. Keith Greene
Chantelle Lane played by Lauren Drummond ImageChantelle Lane
Henrik Hanssen played by Guy Henry ImageHenrik Hanssen
Donna Jackson played by Jaye Jacobs ImageDonna Jackson
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