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30x20 Episode 20 (27th November 2010)

First Aired: Nov. 27, 2010
Hey Hey It's Saturday (AU) - 30x20 Episode 20 (27th November 2010) Screenshot

Onto our final episode for 2010 and we are going out with a bang! Naturally we will pay our respects to those that have come before us and cover some highlights of our 19 eps so far this year... but wait there’s more! Back from the States, the brilliance of Human Nature kicks us off in a sparkling Vegas style opener. And what an appropriate number from the gorgeous and talented Jessica Mauboy with 'Saturday Night'. We have ARIA Queen Megan Washington throwing 'Cement' into the mix; an absolute star in Troy Cassar Daley with one of our favourites, the McClymonts and 'Ain’t Gonna Change for You'. 'Wot Cheezes Me Orffffff!' gets a guernsey with my fine feathered friend Oswald Q. Ostrich and there's a fabulous lineup for 'Joking Off': the hilarious Akmal Saleh, another great comic Peter Rowsthorn and I’m knocked out that our old mate, master of mirth and these days hugely respected actor, Shane Bourne is back in the house. The finishing touches to Channel Gilbo's Summer lineup were completed today and let me just say, Russell Gilbert is "fall about" funny. Just some of our other guests include the always bubbly Jo Beth Taylor, Maestro Geoff Harvey, Harry Kewell vs. Suze in soccer, Steve Vizard in 'Celebrity Head', V8 champion Mark Winterbottom will help give away a brand new Ford Mondeo, Danny "Shaggy" Clayton catches up with our Olympic Champion Snowboarder, Torah Bright who's pushing a new video game. Naturally there's the beautiful Livinia, a radical Red, a wild Willy, the Duck, the Dick, "Man of a thousand voices", John Blackman. Plus three Red Faces acts you won’t want to miss... or maybe you would!

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