Hey Hey It's Saturday (AU) TV Show

Hey Hey It's Saturday (AU)

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Main Characters
Daryl Somers played by Daryl Somers ImageDaryl Somers
Lavinia Nixon played by Livinia Nixon ImageLavinia Nixon
John Blackman played by John Blackman ImageJohn Blackman
Red Symons played by Red Symons ImageRed Symons
Wilbur Wilde played by Wilbur Wilde ImageWilbur Wilde
Russell Gilbert played by Russell Gilbert ImageRussell Gilbert
Dickie Knee played by John Blackman ImageDickie Knee
Plucka Duck played by  ImagePlucka Duck
Suze Raymond played by Suze Raymond ImageSuze Raymond
Oswald Q. 'Ossie' Ostrich played by Ernie Carroll ImageOswald Q. 'Ossie…
Andrew Fyfe played by Andrew Fyfe ImageAndrew Fyfe
Trevor Marmalade played by Jason Van de Velde ImageTrevor Marmalade
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