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Dr. Jackson Avery played by Jesse Williams ImageDr. Jackson Avery
Dr. April Kepner played by Sarah Drew ImageDr. April Kepner
Dr. Lucy Fields played by Rachael Taylor ImageDr. Lucy Fields
Dr. Robert Stark played by Peter MacNicol ImageDr. Robert Stark
Dr. Isabel 'Izzie' Stevens played by Katherine Heigl ImageDr. Isabel 'Izzi…
Dr. George O'Malley played by T.R. Knight ImageDr. George O'Mal…
Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd played by Kate Walsh ImageDr. Addison Mont…
Dr. Preston Burke played by Isaiah Washington ImageDr. Preston Burke
Dr. Erica Hahn played by Brooke Smith ImageDr. Erica Hahn
Dr. Ellis Grey played by Kate Burton ImageDr. Ellis Grey
Denny Duquette played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan ImageDenny Duquette
Dr. Steve Mostow played by Mark Saul ImageDr. Steve Mostow
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