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Main Characters
Dr. Meredith Grey played by Ellen Pompeo ImageDr. Meredith Grey
Dr. Derek Shepherd played by Patrick Dempsey ImageDr. Derek Shepherd
Dr. Cristina Yang played by Sandra Oh ImageDr. Cristina Yang
Dr. Alex Karev played by Justin Chambers ImageDr. Alex Karev
Dr. Miranda Bailey played by Chandra Wilson ImageDr. Miranda Bailey
Dr. Mark Sloan played by Eric Dane ImageDr. Mark Sloan
Dr. Callie Torres played by Sara Ramirez ImageDr. Callie Torres
Dr. Lexie Grey played by Chyler Leigh ImageDr. Lexie Grey
Dr. Richard Webber played by James Pickens Jr. ImageDr. Richard Webber
Dr. Owen Hunt played by Kevin McKidd ImageDr. Owen Hunt
Dr. Arizona Robbins played by Jessica Capshaw ImageDr. Arizona Robb…
Dr. Teddy Altman played by Kim Raver ImageDr. Teddy Altman
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