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Main Characters
Philip J. Fry played by Billy West ImagePhilip J. Fry
Bender played by John Di Maggio ImageBender
Turanga Leela played by Katey Sagal ImageTuranga Leela
Amy Wong played by Lauren Tom ImageAmy Wong
Dr. Zoidberg played by Billy West ImageDr. Zoidberg
Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth played by Billy West ImageProf. Hubert J. …
Hermes Conrad played by Phil LaMarr ImageHermes Conrad
Zapp Brannigan played by Billy West ImageZapp Brannigan
Mom played by Tress MacNeille ImageMom
Lt. Kif Kroker played by Maurice LaMarche ImageLt. Kif Kroker
Nibbler played by Frank Welker ImageNibbler
Smitty played by Billy West ImageSmitty
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