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Main Characters
John Crichton played by Ben Browder ImageJohn Crichton
Officer Aeryn Sun played by Claudia Black ImageOfficer Aeryn Sun
Ka D'Argo played by Anthony Simcoe ImageKa D'Argo
Chiana played by Gigi Edgley ImageChiana
Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan played by Virginia Hey ImagePa'u Zotoh Zhaan
Dominar Rygel XVI played by Jonathan Hardy ImageDominar Rygel XVI
Pilot played by Lani John Tupu ImagePilot
Moya played by  ImageMoya
Scorpius played by Wayne Pygram ImageScorpius
Harvey played by Wayne Pygram ImageHarvey
Captain Bialar Crais played by Lani John Tupu ImageCaptain Bialar C…
Stark played by Paul Goddard ImageStark
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