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Main Characters
Steve Urkel played by Jaleel White ImageSteve Urkel
Estelle 'Mother' Winslow played by Rosetta LeNoire ImageEstelle 'Mother'…
Carl Otis Winslow played by Reginald VelJohnson ImageCarl Otis Winslow
Laura Lee Winslow played by Kellie Shanygne Williams ImageLaura Lee Winslow
Edward 'Eddie' James Arthur Winslow played by Darius McCrary ImageEdward 'Eddie' J…
Stefan Urquelle played by Jaleel White ImageStefan Urquelle
Myrtle Urkel played by Jaleel White ImageMyrtle Urkel
Rachel Crawford played by Telma Hopkins ImageRachel Crawford
Richie Crawford played by Bryton McClure ImageRichie Crawford
Waldo Geraldo Faldo played by Shawn Harrison ImageWaldo Geraldo Fa…
Judy Winslow played by Jaimee Foxworth ImageJudy Winslow
Myra Monkhouse played by Michelle Thomas ImageMyra Monkhouse
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