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Main Characters
Dr. Luka Kovac played by Goran Visnjic ImageDr. Luka Kovac
Nurse Abby Lockhart / Dr. Abby Lockhart played by Maura Tierney ImageNurse Abby Lockh…
Dr. Gregory Pratt played by Mekhi Phifer ImageDr. Gregory Pratt
Dr. Tony Gates played by John Stamos ImageDr. Tony Gates
Nurse Samantha Taggart played by Linda Cardellini ImageNurse Samantha T…
Dr. Archie Morris played by Scott Grimes ImageDr. Archie Morris
Dr. Neela Rasgotra played by Parminder Nagra ImageDr. Neela Rasgotra
Dr. Michael Gallant played by Sharif Atkins ImageDr. Michael Gall…
Dr. Kerry Weaver played by Laura Innes ImageDr. Kerry Weaver
Dr. John Carter played by Noah Wyle ImageDr. John Carter
Dr. Peter Benton played by Eriq La Salle ImageDr. Peter Benton
Dr. Mark Greene played by Anthony Edwards ImageDr. Mark Greene
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