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Main Characters
Ronald Sandoval played by Von Flores ImageRonald Sandoval
Da'an played by Leni Parker ImageDa'an
Zo'or played by Anita LaSelva ImageZo'or
Liam Kincaid played by Robert Leeshock ImageLiam Kincaid
Lili Marquette played by Lisa Howard ImageLili Marquette
Renee Palmer played by Jayne Heitmeyer ImageRenee Palmer
Marcus 'Augur' Deveraux played by Richard Chevolleau ImageMarcus 'Augur' D…
Jonathan Doors played by David Hemblen ImageJonathan Doors
William Boone played by Kevin Kilner ImageWilliam Boone
Juliet Street played by Melinda Deines ImageJuliet Street
Howlyn played by Alan Van Sprang ImageHowlyn
Juda played by Guylaine St-Onge ImageJuda
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