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Main Characters
Dexter Morgan played by Michael C. Hall ImageDexter Morgan
Debra Morgan played by Jennifer Carpenter ImageDebra Morgan
Hannah McKay played by Yvonne Strahovski ImageHannah McKay
Harrison Morgan played by Jadon Wells ImageHarrison Morgan
Vince Masuka played by C.S. Lee ImageVince Masuka
Dr. Evelyn Vogel played by Charlotte Rampling ImageDr. Evelyn Vogel
Oliver Saxon played by Darri Ingolfsson ImageOliver Saxon
Angel Batista played by David Zayas ImageAngel Batista
Jamie Batista played by Aimee Garcia ImageJamie Batista
Harry Morgan played by James Remar ImageHarry Morgan
Joey Quinn played by Desmond Harrington ImageJoey Quinn
Capt. Tom Matthews played by Geoff Pierson ImageCapt. Tom Matthews
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