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Main Characters
Inish Scull played by Val Kilmer ImageInish Scull
Gus McCrae played by Steve Zahn ImageGus McCrae
Woodrow F. Call played by Karl Urban ImageWoodrow F. Call
Inez Scull played by Rachel Griffiths ImageInez Scull
Famous Shoes played by David Midthunder ImageFamous Shoes
Clara Forsythe played by Linda Cardellini ImageClara Forsythe
Maggie Tilton played by Elizabeth Banks ImageMaggie Tilton
Jake Spoon played by Ryan Merriman ImageJake Spoon
Blue Duck played by Adam Beach ImageBlue Duck
Buffalo Hump played by Wes Studi ImageBuffalo Hump
Bill Coleman played by Ray McKinnon ImageBill Coleman
Pearl Coleman played by Melanie Lynskey ImagePearl Coleman
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