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Main Characters
Nurse Colleen McMurphy played by Dana Delany ImageNurse Colleen Mc…
Beckett played by Michael Boatman ImageBeckett
Dr. Richard played by Robert Picardo ImageDr. Richard
Lila Garreau played by Concetta Tomei ImageLila Garreau
K.C. played by Marg Helgenberger ImageK.C.
Boonie played by Brian Wimmer ImageBoonie
Dodger played by Jeff Kober ImageDodger
Pvt. Frankie Bunsen played by Nancy Giles ImagePvt. Frankie Bun…
Sgt. Pepper played by Troy Evans ImageSgt. Pepper
Wayloo Marie Holmes played by Megan Gallagher ImageWayloo Marie Hol…
Cherry White played by Nan Woods ImageCherry White
Jeff Hyers played by Ned Vaughn ImageJeff Hyers
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