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Main Characters
Zoe Graystone played by Alessandra Torresani ImageZoe Graystone
Joseph Adama played by Esai Morales ImageJoseph Adama
Daniel Graystone played by Eric Stoltz ImageDaniel Graystone
Amanda Graystone played by Paula Malcomson ImageAmanda Graystone
Lacy Rand played by Magda Apanowicz ImageLacy Rand
William Adama played by Sina Najafi ImageWilliam Adama
Sister Clarice Willow played by Polly Walker ImageSister Clarice W…
Sam Adama played by Sasha Roiz ImageSam Adama
Tamara Adams played by Genevieve Buechner ImageTamara Adams
Ben Stark played by Avan Jogia ImageBen Stark
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