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Main Characters - Page 2
Samuel Anders played by Michael Trucco ImageSamuel Anders
Tory Foster played by Rekha Sharma ImageTory Foster
Lt. Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii played by Grace Park ImageLt. Sharon 'Boom…
D'Anna Biers played by Lucy Lawless ImageD'Anna Biers
Brother Cavil played by Dean Stockwell ImageBrother Cavil
Leoben Conoy played by Callum Keith Rennie ImageLeoben Conoy
Tom Zarek played by Richard Hatch ImageTom Zarek
Major Sherman Cottle played by Donnelly Rhodes ImageMajor Sherman Co…
Crewman Specialist Cally played by Nicki Clyne ImageCrewman Speciali…
Aaron Doral played by Matthew Bennett ImageAaron Doral
Simon O'Neill played by Rick Worthy ImageSimon O'Neill
Romo Lampkin  played by Mark Sheppard ImageRomo Lampkin
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