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Main Characters
Sterling Archer played by H. Jon Benjamin ImageSterling Archer
Lana Kane played by Aisha Tyler ImageLana Kane
Malory Archer played by Jessica Walter ImageMalory Archer
Cyril Figgis played by Chris Parnell ImageCyril Figgis
Cheryl played by Judy Greer ImageCheryl
Woodhouse played by George Coe ImageWoodhouse
Pam Poovey played by Amber Nash ImagePam Poovey
Ray Gillette played by Adam Reed ImageRay Gillette
Doctor Krieger played by Lucky Yates ImageDoctor Krieger
Barry Dillon played by Dave Willis ImageBarry Dillon
Maj. Nikolai Jackov played by Peter Newman ImageMaj. Nikolai Jac…
Katya Kazanova played by Ona Grauer ImageKatya Kazanova
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