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08x17 Quarterfinals Week 4, Results (4 of 12 advance)

First Aired: Aug. 14, 2013
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America's Got Talent - 08x17 Quarterfinals Week 4, Results (4 of 12 advance) Screenshot

There were some no-brainers and some shockers, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from this hit show. The Backstreet Boys also stopped by to give a heart-stopping performance of their new single “In A World Like This,” as well as the epic throwback “I Want It That Way.”The first group up for elimination included daredevil David Ferman, kid rockers The Robotix, the dance group SensEtion, and Tummy Talk. While we loved David’s death-defying act, it wasn’t enough to put him through to the next round.

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