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01x04 Episode 4

First Aired: Jul. 05, 2006
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Jon and Owen called themselves The Passing Zone, and they impressed the judges and the audience with their extreme juggling. They juggled flaming pins while concentrating on their balancing act. The Quick Change Artists came out and performed some magic. They dazzled the judges as the woman in the act changed her wardrobe behind a curtain in just a matter of seconds. The finale came when the man in the group sprinkled glitter on the woman, and her wardrobe changed before the judges very eyes. The Quick Change Artists were quickly passed to the next round. Taylor Ware wowed the entire audience with her yodeling skills. She told the judges she learned how to yodel when she was bored one summer vacation and bought a tape to teach herself. They were floored by her talent and invited her to come back and sing some more. She left the stage to a standing ovation from the audience.

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