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01x03 Episode 3

First Aired: Jun. 28, 2006
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The clog-dancing group, All That, kicked off America’s Got Talent with a rockin’ start. The five men from New York danced with incredible rhythm and had the audience up on their feet in no time. Even Brandy was getting into the dancing and music. Elliot brought some magic to the show. He had the judges worried in the beginning when it appeared that his microphone wasn’t working, but before everybody’s eyes, he turned the microphone into a dove. With a catchy bass beat playing in the background, Elliot continued to turn different items into birds. 11-year-old singer Bianca impressed the judges with her incredibly mature voice. She sang the song "And I am Telling You." Brandy gave Bianca a standing ovation and was simply in awe of the young girl. The audience also followed with a standing ovation.

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