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03x06 Coven: The Axeman Cometh

First Aired: Nov. 13, 2013
4.55/5 (29 votes)
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In 1919, a serial killer stalked the women of New Orleans. Dubbed the Axe Man - not just for his manner of killing but because he plays saxophone - he killed eight women and terrorized the city. The Axe Man sent a letter to the local newspaper, saying the only way to stay safe was to play jazz music and let it pour out into the street. The coven of 1919 at Miss Robichaux’s decided that they were tired of being scared and weak. They were going to do something about the Axe Man. So on the designated night, they played opera on the victrola - they were the only ones. Insulted, the Axe Man crept inside, intending to slaughter whoever he found in there. Instead, the coven, all dressed in black robes, descends on him and they stab him to death in an orgy of blood and blades.

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