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Main Characters - Page 2
Ima Wiggles played by Chrissy Metz ImageIma Wiggles
Ben Harmon played by Dylan McDermott ImageBen Harmon
Vivien Harmon played by Connie Britton ImageVivien Harmon
Violet Harmon played by Taissa Farmiga ImageViolet Harmon
Tate Langdon played by Evan Peters ImageTate Langdon
Larry Harvey played by Denis O'Hare ImageLarry Harvey
Moira O'Hara played by Frances Conroy ImageMoira O'Hara
Young Moira O'Hara played by Alexandra Breckenridge ImageYoung Moira O'Hara
Constance Langdon played by Jessica Lange ImageConstance Langdon
Adelaide Langdon played by Jamie Brewer ImageAdelaide Langdon
Sister Jude played by Jessica Lange ImageSister Jude
Dr. Arthur Arden played by James Cromwell ImageDr. Arthur Arden
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