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Main Characters
Sydney Bristow played by Jennifer Garner ImageSydney Bristow
Michael Vaughn played by Michael Vartan ImageMichael Vaughn
Jack Bristow played by Victor Garber ImageJack Bristow
Arvin Sloane played by Ron Rifkin ImageArvin Sloane
Marcus Dixon played by Carl Lumbly ImageMarcus Dixon
Will Tippin played by Bradley Cooper ImageWill Tippin
Francie Calfo played by Merrin Dungey ImageFrancie Calfo
Marshall Flinkman played by Kevin Weisman ImageMarshall Flinkman
Irina Derevko played by Lena Olin ImageIrina Derevko
Julian Sark played by David Anders ImageJulian Sark
Nadia Santos played by Mía Maestro ImageNadia Santos
Lauren Reed played by Melissa George ImageLauren Reed
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