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Main Characters
Andrew Rooney - Commentator played by Andrew Rooney ImageAndrew Rooney - …
Morley Safer - Correspondent played by Morley Safer ImageMorley Safer - C…
Mike Wallace - Correspondent played by Mike Wallace ImageMike Wallace - C…
Lesley Stahl - Correspondent played by Lesley Stahl ImageLesley Stahl - C…
Ed Bradley - Correspondent played by Ed Bradley ImageEd Bradley - Cor…
Steve Kroft - Correspondent  played by Steve Kroft ImageSteve Kroft - Co…
Reporter played by Christiane Amanpour ImageReporter
Howard Stern played by Howard Stern ImageHoward Stern
Bob Woodward played by Bob Woodward ImageBob Woodward
Beth Ostrosky played by Beth Ostrosky ImageBeth Ostrosky
Michael Bloomberg played by Michael Bloomberg ImageMichael Bloomberg
Thomas Kinkade played by Thomas Kinkade ImageThomas Kinkade
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