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Rank: guru, posted 5 days ago

Hey Laura! Are you stilll watching New Amsterdam...or is all the preaching getting to you too?

The writers are making Max look like even more of a fooI than they normally do, I am not sure where they are going with Max, but OMG painting the floor, in the middle of the day in a main area of the hospital. Was he fishing for more patients to fill some of the empty beds? 3 years on the job and he's never met the 'Equity Officer' before, and she's stayed? Even though he's totally ignored her? LOL

And Sharpe? I can understand her stepping back from her job in the hospital, but dumping Shin because her neice is coming to live with her? The girl is almost an adult, able to cook, clean and look after herself, not a baby. I wonder who they will bring in to replace her?

The only part I really enjoyed was the return of Juliette!! Man that young girl can bring the creepy!!

Rank: guru, posted 2 days ago

This Pilot episode of [b]Rebel [/b]was entertaining. She's somewhat over the top, but so was Brokovich. There are lots of family/friend/coworkers/husbands - it's going to take a bit to get to know them all!

I enjoyed Mary McDonnell. The last I remember her is when she took over Major Crimes, where at first I wasn't impressed and then really came to like her in the role! LOL

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