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Rank: guru, posted 7 months ago

PBS is bringing us this 4 part mini-series, beginning on Sundays, October 4th to 25th.

No reviews here on Sharetv from its earlier air date in the UK, but from the preview I caught it looks like it might be interesting! :D

Rank: guru, posted 6 months ago

It's got some twists and turns. After this 1st episode I'm enjoying the characters and the storyline. Not sure yet if the ones that seem bad are good or vice versa.. LOL
I'm in for the duration!

Rank: newbie, posted 6 months ago

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Rank: guru, posted 6 months ago

Loving this even more after this 2nd episode! I wish there were more than two episodes left, but it is what it is! LOL

I'm pretty sure the one in the hospital isn't the youngest daughter or the neighbor ;)
Since we know it isn't Natalie, I'm going to predict that it's going to be Marc, even though at this point it does seem too obvious. It doesn't feel like she is sad enough for it to be a sibling or her mom.
I'm also going to hazard a guess that it was Marc that started the fire in the sporty car.

Mary is definitely getting the prize of being the most intrusive neighbor. She is very good at casting seed of doubt in all of the kids minds. Had to laugh out loud when I realized which pills she had stolen from Viviens house!

Or maybe it's going to be the stalkery laid-off woman that sent revenge pics of her 'fab new boyfriend' to Helens daughter!

Rank: guru, posted 5 months ago

All in all I enjoyed this series. It seemed a little rushed in the final episode to wrap things up, and answers to some of the events that happened were left unanswered.
Not sure that answering them would justify another season, but they left an opening to continue on.

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