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Rank: guru, posted 6 weeks ago

I am going to enjoy this 'reboot' altho I don't see this iteration of Perry Mason evolving into that Perry Mason!

I am also glad that this is coming from HBO and that there is going to be a series-long arc on the 'who-dunnit and why' to hold my interest, with a few red herrings tossed in to keep me on my toes!

Rank: guru, posted 2 weeks ago

this Perry Mason is wonderfully done! so glad it got renewed.
wonder who the killer is??

Rank: guru, posted 13 days ago

I'm still a few episodes behind on this one, I went on a holiday so I have a couple weeks of assorted shows to catch up on. :D

From where I am in the series it's still too much of a hot mess for me to even try to guess who the killer is!! LOL

Great news that there is going to be a season 2, from what I have seen so far I really like it!
It's hard to reconcile this younger version of Perry Mason to the older, wiser Perry Mason that I remembered! LOL

Rank: guru, posted 13 days ago

I liked the old Perry from the original series, I find that this version work really well I liked him right away. Anyway let me know when you're up to speed

Rank: guru, posted 5 days ago

I'm caught up to the end of episode 6. The mysterious JH has opened the door....

First off, I have to say how amazing the acting has been throughout this first season!! Everyone is perfect in their roles! Makes the hour fly by!!

I am not sure how Perry is going to win this (his first) case, but I know he has to or he won't become 'the' Perry Mason? Also, I like Pete. I know that Paul eventually becomes Perry's right-hand man, but Pete should definitely be included in the next season!

So, it's come to the mysterious JH to put Perry on the right track for the kidnap/murder of the baby and the murder of Gannon and crew.

I think Emily is innocent, she was put in the path of Gannon - through her husband, who is super shady and I don't like him!!. He had the gambling debts and stated in court that the baby wasn't his? No problem putting the baby in harms way if it's not yours and there's a cash payout?
I have a feeling that Birdy *Sister Alice's mother* might have been in on some of it - she is packed and ready to run - and I don't think it's only because she is afraid of what happens when there is no resurrection?

Rank: guru, posted 5 days ago

it's been great so far! I've just watched episode seven.
I think Alice is just a poor victim I think her mom is the kidnapper or the mastermind behind it all.
Guess will find out next week!

I too like Paul he has a lot of charisma, way better than Pete. They will make the perfect team in season two.

Rank: guru, posted 3 days ago

Watched the 7th episode!

Wow, I didn't see that coming!

I wonder though, when was the body of the baby removed? Is the mom setting the daughter up to 'hear God'? But then again, she did have all the bags packed and ready to run, so she must have come up with that plan later.
Alice totallly believed she was doing Gods work, and I think that this circus (plus I have a feeling that she had to say 'thank you' to more than a few nice men through her childhood), was the final straw that broke her?

BTW, who is left for Perry to get a confession from???

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