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Rank: guru, posted 2 months ago

Grantchester series 5 is airing on this side of the pond June 14th, (Sunday night) on PBS.

*Please note: Series 4 is airing with back to back episodes earlier in the day, so double check if you are setting your PVR to record the new season :D

Rank: guru, posted 2 months ago

Will has really settled in this season. Love the relationship between him and Geordie, and I'm really glad that Sydney has moved on.
I sensed some chemistry between Ellie and Will? I quite liked her, i have a feeling that she is going to keep them on their toes!

Rank: guru, posted 7 weeks ago

So, it didn't take long for St. John to show his true colours! Another rude obnoxious man! Amelia is conditioned to take a backseat, and to keep up appearances, so I guess all that Will can do is be there to pick up the pieces.
What is Leonard thinking!! Doesn't Daniel have is own place? Why oh why would Leonard take that kind of risk?!

Rank: guru, posted 6 weeks ago

Mrs. C had a rough go this episode. The look on her face when Hassan was telling her his story was hearbreaking. I kind of thought she might be wearing the emerald, and was not surprised that she gave it back to him on the spot. I don't think there is going to be any forgiving Jack for what he did, and that he flat out tried to hide it from her!

Next week can't come quick enough...I want to know how Kathy is going to deal with her mom and how much tension there is going to be between Will and Ellie when they meet again!

Rank: expert, posted 3 weeks ago

I can see why finales are designed to grab you're attention so ya will be interested in tuning in next season . Must say , this new approach Grantchester has taken with the new vicar has certainly done that. Was certainly not expecting Will and ' Sister Grace ' ending up ahhh where they did. LOL Must say , right from the get - go I am not a prude or a religious fanatic about sex but Will's explanation to Geordie of " she's not a real nun " as some how makes it acceptable is the center of the point. This is the 1950's .. the age of no premarital sex and all the strict guide lines that went with it. This guy is a vicar , a man of the cloth who would be one of those touting these strict guide lines. Then again, we all know what priests were up to behind closed doors so I guess enough said on this matter lol Liked how he got the money from his new step daddy to fund Matthew in taking over the gym . Cathy's reluctance to see her mother may have several reasons we will find this out next season I suppose.

Rank: guru, posted 2 weeks ago

I'll be back to read your post! Been on holiday so I'm a couple weeks behind schedule and my PVR is full to bursting! LOL

Rank: guru, posted 2 weeks ago

I did not like the rapidity of Mrs.C forgiving Jack quite so easily. Leonard being in the middle as a moderator was quite humorous though!!

The hell and brimfire sermon was so out of character for Will, but understandable (oh, the look on Leonard's face, he thought it was aimed at him I'm sure). Will put his total trust and faith in Vic, was helping 'down on their luck' kids find a better future. He put those boys into that situation, and he too had opened up with his personal probems to this monstor! I get where that meltdown came from. I think Sister Grace was just what Will needed! She had been in a similar place too, had seen how horrible people can be, and recognized where Will was.

I liked that Will finally stopped feeling sorry for himself and put Matt first. Good thing Geordie was there to give him a kick in the right direction!
'You slept with the boss's missus!' Geordie is so quick!! He can't tease Will with celibacy anymore, but he's not going to let this go any time soon!
I hope we get to see more with Will and Clement, they just might form a great friendship, even if Wills relationship with St. John is shaky!
Geordie and Cathy do have a healthy relationship, which is going to help them deal with the families issues with placing her mom in care.

Looking forward to the next season!

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