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Rank: guru, posted 3 months ago

2 episodes in and I'm loving this show!
Altho I'm still not sure if we actually have a Bodyguard.....

Rank: guru, posted 2 months ago

Every so often I'm getting a 'Terminator' vibe from Dave/David, not that that's a bad thing, as it makes him really hard to read.

Rank: guru, posted 2 months ago

Well, I sure didn't see that coming!
Finished the 4th episode, and I think David may be onto something with his conspiracy theory.
Why has the identity of the sniper not been released? The DNA/fingerprints must have come back by now?
Who knew the location of the gun and who switched out the bullet? I hope the answer to that second question is NOT David. He failed at his job, his ex-wife knows he is on the edge.....

I am so glad I didn't delete these past episodes off my PVR, cause I'm definitely going to rewatch for clues that I have missed.

Rank: guru, posted 6 weeks ago

Just popping in to say that this show is one of the best I've seen in a long while. Edge of the seat, heart pounding thriller. Had my total attention all the way to the end, which I can't really say happens all that often.
I really hope that Season 2 can maintain the momentum!!

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