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Rank: guru, posted 3 months ago

I just noticed that PBS Spokane has this on their Sunday night scedule!

Starting tonite (May 17th) is the very first episode from way back in 1978, and next week has the 2nd episode.
Not sure how many will air in total, but I wonder if this is in anticipation of the new 6-part series that was slated for 2020?

Rank: expert, posted 3 months ago

All Creatures was a great series [b]appara[/b] , would love ta see it again. Would not be surprised if it was a warm up to the new 6 part 2020 series.

Rank: guru, posted 3 months ago

It's a step back in time...literally! I really hope that PBS is going to run the whole series, from start to finish. Just exactly what I need - kick back, don't think, just watch! :D

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