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Rank: guru, posted 3 months ago

Dead Still, a six-part one-hour Victorian-era drama, premieres Friday, May 15 on Citytv here in Canada.

In the first two episodes:
“Photochemistry” – Blennerhasset, Conall and Nancy are thrown together in a story of a family feud, a vengeful husband and a stolen photograph.
“Development” – Blennerhasset and Molloy are trapped in a coastal town during a storm where some ghostly occurrences make them feel most unwelcome.

I'm looking forward to watching this one :D

Rank: guru, posted 3 months ago

I'm going to enjoy this! But, now I will never look at those sepia-tone photos of family quite the same way again! LOL

BTW, the feel of this show is the same as Murdoch, which makes sense as it's a combined Shaftesbury & Deadpan production, and I'm a longtime fan of Murdoch :D

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