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Rank: guru, posted 1 year ago

May 2nd is the date for the crossover episode!

We left off with Ripley down in the final moments of last weeks Station19 and Vic giving up waiting for him and going back to the job thinking that he doesn't care enough about her.

These are my two of my favorite characters on the show! I don't want a heartbroken Vic, so you best be on your A-Game doctors of Greys!!

Rank: guru, posted 1 year ago

So, tonite is the return of Shondaland stories.

I'll give Station 19 a chance to give me a reason to keep watching. Vic and Ripley had charisma. There could have been so much more to that story, so many directions they could have gone!

Perhaps this is their chance to reboot. Make Andy a little less self-centered. At the end it did seem like they are trying to fix her character? Maybe make the firehouse a little more relevant. Take a step back from the soapstory drama. Give me a reason to keep my finger off the FF button....

Rank: guru, posted 10 months ago

I am happy for Vic, she has found a friend-with-benefits in Jackson, I hope she doesn't get too serious with him. She needs somebody that will put her first, and that's not his style.

I love the alternate hospital, and laughed out loud at the Charmed sisters 'Don't go into the light'
(For those that don't believe they wouldn't have known their sister, here in Canada we had a bus accident where two teenage boy were misidentified, one alive, one dead, unimaginable heartbreak all over again for both sets of parents when the mistake was discovered).

That said, the majority of the storylines are just annoying.
The Meredith story is just stupid, she could have paid for that surgery from her pocket change. Or billed it to the hospital she owns. Doing community service on her terms? OMG
Now that Owen has to hide because of a restrainingr order?? for the hospital, him and weepingTeddy should pack up go back to wherever they were when she got pregnant. Stupid storyline.
Bailey on a power high, Tom is an ass, Maggie moping about her love life, all of it is just.... blech.

Rank: newbie, posted 10 months ago

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Rank: guru, posted 10 months ago

Finally, Meredith is going to jail. Yes, she should have been there for Zola during her surgery, that was the right call. BUT, she also should not have been skipping out on all her community hours up to that point. And yeah, I know that for some magical reason the judge will release her.

No Teddy and Owen this episode!! I remembered why I used to like Tom! LOL

Rank: guru, posted 7 months ago

On the 23rd of January 2020 we have another crossover episode!
Starting with the season 3 premiere of Station 19, then crossing into Greys Anatomy as they return from their winter break.

Rank: guru, posted 6 months ago

Where the hell did the writers for Greys go? This last episode was beyond horrible! I have no interest in Glasses, in or out of the hospital, I'm guessing that spiteful Catherine buying PacNorth to shut it down is to explain Alex leaving th show with no warning? That new hospital was about the only storyline I was interested in, that was....until last night when Richard offered whiney Maggie a job over there too! LOL
Also, Jackson inviting Vic, but not bothering to bring her?? It's not like she's met his family a thousand times before! Other than him, all she knows is Maggie, who is unfailingly rude to her!!! Good on her for bringing someone familiar for what she was told was to be an anniversary PARTY!

On the other hand, Station 19 was a whole lot more interesting, except I still don't understand how they can bring in a 'boss' that knows absolutely nothing about fire, or firestations?

Rank: guru, posted 6 months ago

Another crossover episode tonite as first responders from both shows deal with the ongoing repercussions of a rare northwest blizzard.
Station 19 kicks off with Ice Ice Baby, followed by Grey's Snowblind

Rank: regular, posted 4 months ago

station 19 has many of the same people back and forth in the shows every week gut punch with capt herera, didn't expect that to happen

Rank: guru, posted 4 months ago

Yes, we have known for some time that he was going to die, I liked that he chose to go out on his own terms by saving his daughter and the crew that was his extended family.
Tear jerker episode, especially with the song choice in the final scenes. It just about felt like the season ender but there's still a few episoded left!!

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