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Rank: pro, posted 2 years ago

I never get into the discussion board but I have to say this show now sucks. I do enjoy the new Dr. however her new followers are idiots. Bring back Amy and Rory .

Rank: guru, posted 2 years ago

I think its pretty much universal, the fans are pretty critical about the shows new direction.. and rightfully so. In an effort to bring more of a broad selection of fans into the fold, they alienated many long standing fans by catering to casual viewership.

Its not fun to watch.. granted, its probably better than peter crapaldo.. but i won't watch jodie whatsherface either. It doesn't matter how strong a role she is playing, it shouldn't have been DR who. We won't remake DR quinn medicine woman, into DR Quinn, Medicine Man.. because its just not okay, its boring.. and the same thing happened here.

No hate.. no gender superiority from me.. but, the role is classically male... changing it.. cheapened it. You should have declined, IMHO jodie. Jeff has it right.. it kinda sucks.. by kinda.. i mean i won't watch it.. and if i ever buy a series production set, i'll burn/destroy yours and peter crapaldos episodes if possible.

Rank: regular, posted 7 months ago

I love it...but I can see why people aren't so sure about it now

Rank: Employee, posted 2 months ago

I can definitely understand people having different tastes and not wanting to watch particular shows or not caring for certain characters, but the HATE?

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