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Rank: pro, posted 1 year ago

I figured i'd leave this one up.

But, essentially.. I was watching Nanatsu no Taizai (;the seven deadly sins ) a couple years back, and it ended kinda unfinished. I was excited to hear they were making a second season... then what they called a second season, hit the Netflix inbox. 4 Episodes, is not a season.

Rick and morty gave us a teaser on April Fools, that was nice; But they fully intended to produce an entire season...

I guess it comes down to me being a fan, and the material not being there.

What other shows have promised another season, and yet failed to deliver.... what's your favorite, only to end up on the "we don't have news on that" side of things.

Rank: pro, posted 6 months ago

Nanatsu No Taizai has officially kicked off its second season in its home country. We have a long time before i expect to see an english dub, no doubt it will wait until the season's been fully aired. With all the exciting series that have shown up, its a wonder who can choose what to watch these days. This show is definitely one i wait for eagerly.

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