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Rank: regular, posted 5 days ago

Has anyone else had trouble with searching for a show on your computer? When I enter the name of a show in the search box, I get a message that nothing has been found. It doesn't matter what show name I search for. I've tried both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, and it has made no difference. I can, however, log into Share TV on my cell phone and search from there and it works.

Rank: Employee, posted 5 days ago

I know admin has been moving parts of ShareTV to new servers for the past month which has resulted in a lot of quirky things happening on the website, like the one you mentioned along with avatars disappearing and then reappearing later. I have not gotten any response to my messages to them for the past month.
Sorry, I know this doesn't help you any but it's all I know at this time.


Rank: regular, posted 5 days ago

Thanks Mike. I appreciate your response. Now the Search doesn't work using my cell phone, so maybe the problem is a result of them moving things around. Hopefully this will resolve when they are done. Have a great day. Jeanette

Rank: expert, posted 3 days ago

Found a work around, if you google search the show & ShareTv.

Rank: regular, posted 3 days ago

Thanks! I tried your workaround and it works for some shows. I appreciate it! Again, thank you!

Rank: guru, posted 18 hours ago

Yeah - this is annoying. Glad it's not just me experiencing this. Hope if resolves soon.

Rank: Employee, posted 15 hours ago

The owner of the site is itcdr and you can send him a message letting him know. His avatar is in my friends list. I have sent him quite a few messages with no response.

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