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Ventana-plastic windows and doors in Almaty Plastic windows are structures that are characterized by a large variety of species. They may differ in the characteristics of the shape, the number of flaps, size, opening and closing methods, types of double-glazed windows and other parameters. Ventana-plastic windows and doors in Almaty correct name for modern plastic windows Types of windows are very diverse, this is due to the increasing interest in PVC structures from the population. Today, very often wooden structures are replaced with plastic ones, increasing the level of tightness, heat and sound insulation of the apartment. Many people are confused about the concepts, not understanding which systems should be attributed to PVC, which to plastic or metal-plastic. The difference between the concepts exists, because those structures that are now ubiquitous should be called metal-plastic. This is due to the fact that to create such systems, they use: polyvinyl chloride; metal for the frame; glass. The use of a metal profile became a necessity, because the first PVC systems were not characterized by high strength and reliability. Modern models can be used even at high altitude, they perfectly withstand wind load, as well as heat and frost.


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