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Rank: guru, posted 7 months ago

ncis la is not on hiatus
NCIS: Los Angeles
KPIX-DT - 5.1 Sun, 2/14, 9:00 PM 1 hr
"The Frogman's Daughter"
New, 2/14/2021, Season 12 / Episode 10 , Drama, Crime, Military, Suspense, Police
Sam will let nothing stand in his way to find his daughter, Kam, after she leads a group of citywide protests and is subsequently kidnapped; Deeks comes back to the NCIS fold and starts looking for answers regarding Anna.

Rank: Employee, posted 7 months ago

There is no error as the show, like many others, just needs updating. This is usually performed by users such as yourself. I have gone ahead and added the next couple of shows.

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