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Rank: newbie, posted 4 years ago

I just joined the site and it looked promising until I went to watch a show...... Then it came up with needing to download flash player in order to watch. I am on a Windows phone that has its own flash player built in and out still wont let me watch any of my shows. Please advise on how I can remedy this situation and no I don't have anything else to watch my shows on...... There is no other service to use. Thanks so much!

Rank: pro, posted 2 years ago

Hello Moderator, You have always been so helpful to me. So I am here to ask for you help with one of my favorite shows Coranation Street. It keep telling my to clear my cache, which Ive done several times. Could you look into this for me I am now four shows behind, lol. Truly appreciate all you do, Thank you.

Rank: newbie, posted 2 years ago

I'm having same trouble as "belovedamiga" told to clear cache, which doesn't help, or update both Java and Adobe Flash Player which also doesn't work. I've tried to access shows on 3 different computers, IE and FF, and 2 different smart phones from various locations. Nothing works, and before this week, all enabled access to ShareTV's programs. What can be done please? Thanks for your help.

Rank: newbie, posted 2 years ago

Hello moderator, im on my fire stick using google chrome trying to watch episode 13 of if loving you is wrong and this says its the last episode but on other apps and kodi they have up to 18 episodes whose right, but any way whhy cant i view the show please help!!!

Rank: newbie, posted 1 year ago

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