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There used to be a discussion link on each of the show pages that linked to the related thread in the forum. They were removed when the site design was changed. At the time, they were removed temporarily, but it seems Chris hasn't gotten round to reinstaing them or maybe he has changed his mind about doing so. Either way I think they should be reinstated as soon as possible in order to generate more forum traffic. I think also that recent forum activity should be highlighted on the home page. I think the forum is overlooked and that if managed correctly it could help the site grow. It seems to me that at the moment members are logging in tracking their shows and then going else where to discuss them.

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Tomonitor threads in the manner you suggest would be too time consuming. Most users will begin a post with the words spoiler alert to warn other users of spoilers. Be aware that not all users do this and it is possible to encounter major spoilers.

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um ok? thanks i guess lol

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@blake - thank you for letting me do so. I am loving the questions that I am asking. I do not know if you notice it or not.

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You know what would be a great idea. Besides the way that the section of TV Shows are / is. It would be wonderful to have a list of al the moves from around the world. I know it sounds crazy but I notice in other websites.

Rank: pro, posted 8 years ago

It would be great to have a Movie Scramble and Celebrities Scramble like the TV Scramble.

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having forums on each show page. id like that idea.

i have a idea

how about having a gold silver and bronze .virtual postcard from sharetv .
for contributor of the month .
and at the end of the year .
the one with the most postcards g/s/b wins a prize
say a a signed photo from the sharetv team .

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A new feature was added to the main show page a few weeks ago. If you click on Message Board it will bring up a list of forum threads related to that particular show. If you click on it and there are no threads listed, you can pop on over to the forum and start one.

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in the forum [b]Categories get a games section just for all trivia and word games[/b]

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I think that you give more time in the scramble game. The reason why is when I go in their it does not give you enough time to figure it out (it gives you seconds) or when you refresh it does not change at all.

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take a look at [url=][/url]

is there a way of having something like this on your game page
were you got to but the jigsaw together. to see what it is.??
for tv shows or stars .??
something like this would be cool

Rank: expert, posted 7 years ago

Virtual rewards always seem to be encouraging to members of most communities.
One needs more motivation to do something and achievements and medals are something that offer satisfaction.

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Have it possible so we can edit are own postings. I have hit the "Add Comment" button and then realized I made a mistake and want to delete it. Say we have 2 minutes to edit/delete it before we cannot remove our [b][u]own[/u][/b] postings.

Example - this morning I posted a comment to a forum discussion and wanted to add a picture. Everything looked okay hit the button and got no picture just a bunch of computer garbage. I cannot remove it.

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To get new members involved move the following threads to games -

1. Movie Word Association with a Twist
2. Actress/Actor Word Association with a Twist
3. TV Show Association with a Twist
4. Yet Even More Word Association
5. Without the "E"
6. Yet Even More TV Association
7. Movie Word Association Continued
8. Actress/actor Word Association
9. Points Thread is Revived ---one more time!1

Rank: expert, posted 7 years ago

I like the ideas of "iwatchtv", the ones that ends " with a twist". Also, it would be a good idea for members to contribute when other members write reviews as I do. I would like members who watch the shows I watch and review to at least agree or disagree with me, to comment in something I have forgotten, to express ideas of the show: this will make the review section more interesting and the site also.

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