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ShareTV® is an online community for fans of network television. There are pages setup for just about every show you can think of. For each show there are episode guides, pictures, cast/celeb info, videos, trivia, ... all submitted by other sharetv members.

ShareTV Team

Chris Richmond, Owner/Creator
Chris is the sole creator of ShareTV, starting the site in 2007 after missing an episode of Smallville. While searching online for the episode he discovered the world of torrents and wanted to make an easier way to show others how to find their missed episodes. Growing up in Las Vegas Chris attended UNLV at age 16 majoring in Computer Science. After completing two years he dropped out to pursue his own ventures. His first project was a domain search engine (www.pcnames.com) which he later sold. Two years later, at age 20 ShareTV was born.

History of ShareTV

ShareTV was launched Feb. 1st, 2007 as a simple torrent index for TV Shows. After only 10 days of being online an article was written about our site which made it to the home page of digg.com and the hotlist on delicious.com. This brought over 20,000 visitors to the site that day starting its instant popularity. As the site expanded community features and show information were added.

The site was started as a torrent index due to the major lack of online distribution done by the networks. However, that all changed March 12, 2008 with the public release of HULU.com, a joint venture between NBC, Fox and now ABC. At this point ShareTV moved away from torrents all together focusing completely on the television community aspect. About six months later ShareTV was made a distribution partner of HULU.com (August 18th, 2008). With the success of HULU additional networks followed and started doing more online distribution. As ShareTV's popularity grew we were able to distribute videos for other sites such as TheWB.com and Joost.

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ShareTV, Inc.
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