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NBC Cancels 'Great News'

There is some not-so-great news today for NBC comedy Great News. The network has opted to cancel the series after two seasons. The word comes as the network is making some last minute decisions on its lineup for the 2018-2019 season.
Executive-produced by Tina Fey, Great News follows an up-and-coming news producer who learns that her overbearing mother has decided to rejoin the workforce as an intern at her TV station. Though not overly excited about this turn events, there ends up being some benefits to having her biggest supporter by her side.
The half-hour series premiered in 2017 as a mid-season entry with a 10-episode run in April and May. While critics enjoyed the show, ratings were mostly modest. The network decided to move the show to its regular fall schedule this season, and while its early ratings weren't bad, audience numbers dwindled over the second-half of its run.

(6 days ago)
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Fox Cancels 'Lucifer'

Days before its third-season finale, Fox has cancelled Lucifer. Star Tom Ellis broke the news this afternoon on his Twitter acccount with a message expressing his sadness to fans. The comics-based drama was a decent performer for the network over a good portion of its time on the air, though ratings were hitting series lows this time around.
Lucifer premiered early in 2016 as a mid-season entry, where it exceeded expectations to become Fox's 2nd-highest rated new series of the season. Its strong showing among viewers and critics prompted the network to shift the show to its regular fall lineup for season 2, but its momentum started slowing when it returned later that year.
The series finale of Lucifer will air on May 14.

(6 days ago)
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ABC Cancels 'Quantico'

ABC today cancelled Quantico after three seasons on the air. The sad news, which comes just three episodes into the drama's third-season run, is not much of a surprise considering its recent struggles in the ratings.
The hour-long series premiered in 2015 as one of the year's most-promising debuts, quickly becoming the #1 broadcast series on Sunday nights in the adults 18-49 demographic. Its early buzz quieted down somewhat by the end of Season 1, but its numbers still warranted a sophomore pickup. Season 2 saw its viewership slip further, and a move from Sundays to Mondays did little to change its fortunes. With Season 3 now hitting series lows, it makes sense that a fourth season would not be in the cards.

(6 days ago)
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ABC Cancels 'Designated Survivor'

ABC has reportedly cancelled Designated Survivor after two seasons. The sad news comes with only one episode remaining in the political drama's sophomore run, which will now act as its series ender.
Designated Survivor marked Sutherland's first return to a TV starring role since his career-reviving role as Jack Bauer in Fox's 24 franchise. Sutherland plays a Cabinet member who is unexpectedly thrust into the role of President of the United States after a bombing at the Capitol kills a number of key government figures. After being sworn in as President, he starts to learn that the catastrophic attack was only the beginning of a much larger plan.
The series finale of Designated Survivor airs on May 16.

(6 days ago)
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'Marvel's Inhumans' Cancelled At ABC

It won't be a surprise to many that ABC has officially cancelled Marvel's Inhumans after one season. The news comes half-a-year after the action drama aired its last episode.
Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Inhumans premiered last fall with high expectations due to the successes of other Marvel-based fare in recent years. The series even screened its premiere episodes in Imax theaters. The buzz did not last long though, as the series was met with a negative reception from both viewers and critics.
Based on the Marvel Comics race of the same name, the series follows the adventures of the royal family as they escape to Hawaii after being splintered by a military coup. Led by Black Bolt, the King of the Inhumans, they must find a way to reunite with each other in order to save themselves and the world before their way of life is destroyed forever.

(6 days ago)
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ABC Cancels 'Kevin (Probably) Saves The World'

It is being reported that ABC has cancelled Kevin (Probably) Saves the World after just one season. The news is not a complete surprise after the network previously declined to give the new drama a full season.
The hour-long series premiered as part of ABC's fall lineup last October, and while it received a mostly-positive reception from critics, it struggled to find an audience on Tuesday nights. In November the network extended the show's run by only three episodes, which raised eyebrows due to it being short of a typical back-order for a fall drama.
Jason Ritter stars as the titular character, Kevin Finn, who is a self-absorbed man down on his luck and on a perilous path to despair. When he heads back home to stay with his twin sister and niece, an unlikely celestial being appears to him and tasks him with a mission to save the world, giving Kevin a new purpose in life.

(6 days ago)
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ABC Cancels 'Deception'

It is being reported that ABC has cancelled Deception after its first season. The mid-season drama got off to a decent start when it premiered in March, but its ratings quickly dwindled over the course of its run.
The hour-long series followed superstar magician Cameron Black, a master of illusion whose career ends up ruined because of a scandal. In order to keep practicing his art of deception and influence, he offers his services to the FBI as an unconventional way to help the government catch some of the world's most-elusive criminals.

(6 days ago)
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'iZombie' Renewed For Season 5

The CW announced today that iZombie has been picked up for a fifth season. The comic-adapted drama, which has been perennially on-the-bubble for a few years now, was the last on the network to receive word of its renewal.
iZombie follows Olivia Moore, an over-achieving medical resident who was turned into a zombie after being bitten by one of the walking dead. Now a zombie herself, Liv works at a coroner's office as a means to have access to the human brains she now craves. A side effect of eating these brains gives her a portion of its memories, which she uses to help solve the murders of the people she uses to stay alive.
There is no word yet on the number of episodes ordered for Season 5 of iZombie, though another 13 are likely. Look for it to return as a mid-season entry in 2018-2019.

(6 days ago)
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NBC Cancels 'Rise'

Fans will be sad to hear that there will be no second season of Rise, NBC's promising new drama from Jason Katims, the man behind Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. The news comes ahead of the musical drama's now-series finale, which airs next Tuesday.
The mid-season series premiered in March to critical acclaim, but ultimately struggled to find a sizeable audience on Tuesday nights.
Based on the novel "Drama High", Rise followed a dedicated teacher and family man who overcomes his own self-doubt to take over his high school's lackluster theater department. In doing so, his passion for the program galvanizes not only the faculty and students, but the entire working-class town.

(6 days ago)
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ABC Renews 'Station 19'

ABC announced today that Station 19 has been picked up for a second season. The move comes as the network is shoring up its lineup for the 2018-2019 season.
A spin-off of Grey's Anatomy, the drama premiered in March; first as a backdoor pilot that was part of its parent series' season, then later in the month in its own time slot. The show is currently nine episodes into its 10-episode run, with the season finale set for Thursday, May 17.
The hour-long series follows the crew at Seattle Fire Station 19, where everyone from the captain to the rookies puts their hearts and lives on the line regardless of whether they are on duty or off the clock. These heroic men and women are like a big family, and together they risk their lives as first responders in order to save others.

(6 days ago)
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