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05x13 To'hajiilee

First Aired: Sep. 08, 2013
4.8/5 (30 votes)
Breaking Bad - 05x13 To'hajiilee Screenshot

Walt called Todd to tell him that he has a new job for his uncle. Lydia, Todd, and his uncle (Jack) in their meth lab discuss the color of the meth. The new meth, which has a 76% purity level, isn’t blue which bothers Lydia because that’s what her customers are used to seeing. Later, the two talk privately and Todd appears to make a move on her, but she passes. After she leaves, Walt calls Todd and requests Jack kills Jesse. In the next scene, Hank and Steven are meeting with Jesse. He proposes that they find Walt’s money because it’s the only piece of evidence he can’t get rid of. Hank decides to meet with Huell in a hotel room and pulls a huge stunt on him. He tells Huell that Walt killed Jesse and shows him a photo (that they faked before meeting up) and convinces him that Walt next wants to kill Huell. Upset, Huell offers everything he knows about what Walt did with the money: All he knew was the truck that Walt used to go hide it was dirty, he had used a shovel, and he buried money in cannisters. Read the full recap here

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